You Eediot!
"You Eediot!" is one of the albums based on The Ren & Stimpy Show and was released on August 31, 1993.

Track ListingsEdit

  1. The Whistler/Overture
  2. Dog Pound Hop
  3. Muddy Mudskipper Theme
  4. Happy Happy Joy Joy
  5. Fire Dogs
  6. Better Than No One
  7. Nose Goblins
  8. Smokin'
  9. Log Blues/Log Theme
  10. Captain's Log/Space Madness
  11. Sven Theme
  12. Sven Blues
  13. Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence
  14. Ren's Pecs
  15. I'm Gonna Be A Monkey
  16. Filthy's Dance
  17. Jungle Boogie
  18. Dizzy Monkees
  19. Kilted Yaksmen Anthem
  20. The Whistler/Underture
  21. Big House Blues (Closing Theme)


  • The album cover is a reference to The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

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