Wilbur Cobb is a demented, decaying, senile old man who is usually shown telling Ren and Stimpy wild stories. When he is speaking, body parts fall off him. He is voiced by the late Jack Carter. He first appears in "Stimpy's Cartoon Show" in which he is introduced as the greatest animator who ever lived. He dies in "Galoot Wranglers", but still appears as Ren's guardian angel in "The Last Temptation".

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  • He was originally named by the Spumco crew as Raymund Spum, although once Spumco was fired, Games Animation named him Wilbur Cobb, after one of the story editors.
    • Raymond Spum was the name John K. credited himself under in "Nurse Stimpy" as he was furious that he was not allowed to do several jokes he wanted and the episode was full of animation errors, so as a result, refused to put his name on the episode.