Announcer: Heralding the biggest secret in Hollywood, the dog you've all been waiting for... Ren Hoek!

Ren: This is to all my loyal fans


Ren: No longer are the days of the frail Chihuahua i once was, now I am larger than life itself, but I mustn't get ahead of my self, let us recount the past.

Producer: In the years that we expect together on the show, I feel as though we grown, hmm, close.

Stimpy: (squint-eyed) Aww, that's so sweet~. Ain't that sweet Ren~? (Ren is angry, then squints his eyes, Stimpy's smile disappears) [Luckily he didn't punch him]

Producer: That's why I hate to...(sadly) leave you guys. (sniffs, then cries. This causes Ren to smile)

Ren: Leave? You got fired, didn't ya?

Producer: (stops crying) No, (smiles as Ren stops smiling) you did. Gahahahahaha~! (Ren looks at the viewers with pissed off face) Yep, I'm canning the show. (Ren is mad) Seeing is how you're an eagletisical, Self-centered, pig-headed!- (Ren freaks out)

Ren: Who are you callin' pig-headed?! heheh... Oh, you got me all wrong pal. I can prove it to ya. I'll...I'll do anything you want! As long you keep our show going!

Producer: Well, I don't know.

Ren: (trying to make the Producer feel better) Ahh, Come on. (pointing at Stimpy) Can't you see Stimpy's torments?

(Ren & Stimpy both smile nervously)

Producer: Anything, huh?

Ren: (so excited) ANYTHING!!

(The Producer looks at Ren and Stimpy moving their eyebrows)

Producer: I've got it! A twisting chemistry! (points Stimpy, who has an excited smile) You play the skinny jerk! (Stimpy's smile disappears) (pointing Ren, who has a insanely mouth open) And you play the fat idiot.

(Ren's insane smile disappears, screaming until his skin comes off, showing his skeleton)


Producer: Of course to play the part, you gotta look the part!

(wipes scene into a billboard that says, "Fat and Thin Institute For The St★rs)

Ren: This is stupid. I'll keep an ounce since I was a pop. (Ren is sitting on a chair next to a conveyor belt) And What is this stuff?

Producer: It's a tasty milkshake. Try it. It's good!

Ren: Yeah well I'd like to see you drink it!

Producer: Let me remind you Ren, it's either my way, OR THE HIGHWAY!

Ren: Well, if you put it that way, you get so mad!

(Ren drinks it.)

Producer: Say~, that's good~! You-you you sound just like Stimpy.

Ren: You know, This stuff kinda gross on it. What's in it?

Producer: Ooh, it's a secret. Let's turn it up, shall we?

(Ren repeatedly drinks it and the viewer sees that the "milkshake" maybe Stimpy's fat cells)

Stimpy: It sure does tickle!

(We see a fat Ren.)

Ren: Ahh.

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