"Who's Stupid Now?" is an episode of Season 5 of the show.


When Ren and Stimpy find out they are about to be cancelled (thus breaking the 4th wall again), Ren comments that they'll do anything to keep the show ongoing, so the producer makes "a twist in chemistry" by making Stimpy the skinny jerk cat and Ren as the fat idiot dog, but Ren starts to realize that this might not be a good idea after all.


  • This is the only episode with a black title screen.
  • This episode was originally written to be an Adult Party Cartoon/Spümcø episode titled "The Big Switch." According to Wikipedia, it was about Stimpy unable to tolerate Ren's abuse any longer, and they argue about who is better to be an "idiot" or a "psychotic a**hole". They make a bet to switch roles for the day. It was also known to be a sequel to both "Ren Seeks Help" and the cancelled "Life Sucks" episode, but was never finished for Adult Party Cartoon due to the reboot's cancellation, and was never brought to DVD on time either.
  • This is the last episode from Spümcø, and not written by John Kricfalusi.
  • This episode marks that season five is the last season of Ren and Stimpy (but not counting Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" since its spin off only ran six episodes).