Victor was a villain from the show.

Victor was a huge boy with orange hair, that always wears a white collar, black tie, and sweater vest. Though he dresses sharp, he is known as the school bully, who beats up Ren and Stimpy along with a young boy named Anthony. What he would normally do to Stimpy is give him stomach punches and every time he punched him he'd say, "Happy...Happy...Joy...Joy," and would sometimes love twisting Ren's head until his neck got wrecked. The only person who is proud of Victor is his father, who would be waiting for Victor in a station wagon with a sign on the driver's door reading, "Victor's Dad". Victor's first appearance was in "A Visit to Anthony." Victor and his father made another appearance; offering an insecure Stimpy a pair of underpants if he can pass their initiation. Stimpy succeeded and was given a pair of underpants by Victor's Dad, which was time for him to change after wearing them for six months. They tossed Stimpy out the station wagon and laughed, and not paying attention to the road, they drive off the cliff.

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