• Sookey5

    Pipe Family Theory

    September 10, 2016 by Sookey5

    What if Mr. Pipe is related to Old Man Hunger and, as a result, Mrs. Buttloaves, which would form one large family tree? Some points for this include:

    • Big Baby Scam, in which the deleted scene states that Old Man Hunger is living with them and that he is Shawn and Eugene's Grandpa. Unless he means distant (like great-grandfather) he means that Old Man Hunger is his father.
    • The Great Outdoors, where it is stated that Mrs. Buttloaves is Old Man Hunger's mother, which would theoretically, connect it into one big family tree.
    • Several characters all enjoy being naked in front of people:
      • Mrs. Buttloaves
      • Old Man Hunger (especially)
      • Mr. Pipe

    I know that Ren and Stimpy are not ones for continuity, but it'd make a lot of sense. Sure, they don't have rough …

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  • Sookey5

    I had the idea to put the kilted yaksmen anthem away from the episode and make it a main page, in the same vein as happy happy joy joy and climb inside, as the song is as popular as the three. It's just that it'd be a major change, so I need the heads up that its cool.

    And on the subject, can I change the name of the page Adonis to Cotornos? I've been watching the scene where jerry rips off the disguise and reveals himself and I think the name is off.

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  • Sookey5

    Ren and Stimpy ADC Wikia

    August 25, 2016 by Sookey5

    A new wikia for the spinoff show has been published so if anybody wants to check it out, they are welcome to.

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  • Sookey5

    What if Ren and Stimpy take place in a timeline where they are constantly out of work. Like they start doing something and get a house, but then they get fired and wander the streets, only to get picked up by the pound and adopted. Then, something happens and they get a house again and the cycle repeats. Ren and Stimpy might be a pun on the show.

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