Tom McGrath
Birth date
August 7, 1964
Birth place
Lynwood, Washington, USA
Years active
1988 - present

Tom McGrath was a storyboard artist and director of The Ren and Stimpy Show. He is best known for working on The Madagascar franchise as well voicing Skipper and several other Dreamworks animated movies.


Episode Position
Magical Golden Singing Cheeses Storyboard Artist
It's a Dog's Life Storyboard Artist
Double Header Storyboard Artist
Insomniac Ren Storyboard Artist
Stupid Sidekick Union Storyboard Artist, Director
Space Dogged Storyboard Artist
I Was a Teenage Stimpy Storyboard Artist, Director
Big Flakes Storyboard Artist
A Scooter for Yaksmas Storyboard Artist
ved Ren and Stimpy Staff
Peter AvanzinoHoward E. BakerCraig BartlettElinor BlakeKen BruceVince CalandraBob CampStephen DeStefanoArthur FilloyJim GomezRon HaugeRon HughartVictoria JensonJim KammerudCraig KellmanMichael KimRob KooJohn KricfalusiSteve LoterMark MarrenArmen MelkonianSteve MellorChris MitchellTom McGrathWill McRobbLynne NaylorMark O'HareTom OwensRichard PurselChris ReccardiDan RootJoe SibilskiBrian SmithJim SmithVincent WallerBill Wray

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