The Lord Loves a Hangin (and sometimes referred to as "The Hanging Song") is the song that plays at the end of Out West.


Ooooooooh, the lord loves a hangin, that's why he gave us necks

It tightens up our vocal chords, and loosens up our pecs

So if you are a horse thief, and guilty to the bone

Go ahead and blame a friend, and you won't hang alone

It may be hard to swaller! But you'll be three feet taller!

And find new ways to entertain your friends

Say you are a villain, but can't abide by killin, go ahead and steal yourself a horse

Two, three, eleven, R, five, seven [take it boys]

I'm a pickin

And i'm a swangin!

And i'm ignorant

And i'm ugly!

That you are boys

Ooooooooh, the lord loves a hangin and so do we by heck

So get yourself a lasso and decorate your neck

Oh we is awful ignorant and uglier in sin

So go ahead and cut us down... and hang us all again

Hanging that is, swang a swell

Ya'll bring the kids now ya hear?

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song of the series to feature an episode use digital ink and paint.