(It is nighttime and Ren & Stimpy are praying)

Stimpy: ....and please bless grandma and grandpa...

Ren: ...and please give me a million dollars and eh, (smiling dreamily) Oh yeah. Huge pectoral muscles. Both: Amen.

(Ren and Stimpy are getting ready for bed while the bottom back part of Stimpy's nightgown isn't buttoned, so he asks Ren to button it for him.)

Stimpy: Will ya button me Ren?

Ren: Sure thing, pal. Good Night, Stimpy.

Stimpy: Good Night Ren.

(Both are perfectly asleep until Stimpy opens his eyes and taps on Ren)

Ren: (almost furious) What is it man?

Stimpy: (calm) Will you read me a...bedtime story?

Ren: (mocking Stimpy) "Read me a bedtime story". (angry) Read it yourself. (Goes back to sleep)

Stimpy: (looking at book) Oh! This looks wonderful! (First page: "Once upon a time...", Second page: A picture of the Littlest Giant standing on a house posing.)

(Wonders and an close-up of Stimpy's writing with another picture of the Littlest Giant on the top of the second page)

(Stimpy looks more and filps the book upside-down)

Stimpy: (Reading) Uh, "Once upon a time, Duhh~, there a, there lived, uh, Oh yeah! a Giant! (Ren goes asleep)

(Fades to dream)

Stimpy: He was a hexan giant but he was different from all the other giants. He was (the littlest giant looks at the screen) the, uh, Littlest Giant!

Giant #1: Why, he's barely enormous!

Giant #2: He's merely huge!

Giant #1: He's no bigger than a house!

( Giant #2 and Stimpy fist pump and Giant #1 slams Stimpy on his head, gives him a wedgie and Pushes his eyes with two fingers)

Littlest Giant: Hey! What's the idea~? Pick on somebody on your own si~ze! (Giant #2 uses his nose to punch him on the head)

(Giant #1 uses his ears as a lawn motor to give him pigtails and whoop! they fall down)

Stimpy: (still reading) All of the bigger giants laughed at the Little Giant. ( Giant #1 & 2 guffaw and laugh)

Giant #1 & 2: Wahahahahahahagehahahgihahaha~!

Giant #1: You'll never have any friends! You're too little to have any friends! (Both laugh)

(it is nighttime and The Littlest Giant is sitting on a rock underneath a build board that says, " You are now entering Hugevania". The screen zooms up to him two times)

Stimpy: (Still reading) Finding his life in Hugevania unbearable, The Little Giant decided to run away.

(The screen zooms up to The Littlest Giant's sad face)

Littlest Giant: (sniffs) (sniffs) (zooms up to his eyes being filled with tears, takes out an picture [crying] of Giant #1, 2, and him smiling, ready to punch him)

Littlest Giant: (crying softly) (blows on picture crying) (cries loudly) (Sadly) To my dearest friends, (crying), the big mean giants, (sobbing), are running away forever. Your punching bag The Littlest Giant. (cries so loud) chew, chew, chew~, (gulping)

Stimpy: (sadly) With an tear in his eye, The Littlest Giant left the village of Hugevania never to return again.

(woman screaming)

(birds chirping)

Stimpy: Meanwhile, In the village of uh, Thumbsville, Wee Ren of the Wee Folk sat aside his well. He was very full in one twas he.

Wee Ren: Oh, Woe as I. The well has gone dry. and my cow would just give powered milk. I tell you no lie, My slob, he does fry, and my chickens, it only lands seal.

Littlest Giant: (crying)

Stimpy: One morning, Wee Ren was awake by the sound of large sobbing and crying. And there, next to the well, The Littlest Giant, sobbing his giantantic little heart out.

Littlest Giant: (still crying)

Stimpy: And he know, the Little Giant's tears filled up the well to overflowing.


Stimpy: Wee Ren was overjoyed.

Wee Ren: Oh Mr. Giant, You saved the farm. (hugging his stomach) You are my true friend.

Littlest Giant: Friend? I'm your, I'm your friend?

Wee Ren: Why of course. You're the biggest friend I've ever had.

Littlest Giant: I'm your friend and-and I'm big?

(Wee Ren nods)

Wee Ren: Big? You can...You're impossibly Giant!

Little Giant: Gosh, I never had a friend before.

Wee Ren: Just name it pal. I'll do anything for you.

Littlest Giant: Anything?

Wee Ren: That's right. Anything.

Littlest Giant: Really? Absolutely anything?

Wee Ren: (a little annoyed) Anything you say man.

Littlest Stimpy: Anything my tiny heart desires?


Littlest Giant: What an pal. Would you, scratch my back?

Wee Ren: Sure. I'll be gladd-!

(The Littlest Giant uses his hand to help Wee Ren scratch his back)

Littlest Giant: And , duhh, comb my hair, flock my eyebrows, do my nails, thread my clothes, and brush my teeth, and shave my tongue? (man screaming)

Stimpy: and so, the Littlest Giant's heart was filled with blood and Wee Ren agreed to let the Littlest Giant live with him forever.

(it is nighttime and Wee Ren is sleeping until The Littlest Giant snores. The camera pans down to The Giant's nose under Wee Ren's bunk bed.)

Stimpy: and they lived happily ever after." Joy, joy. (Littlest Giant screaming)

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