"Terminal Stimpy" is an episode of the 5th season of the show.

Characters Edit


After going through seven of his lives, Stimpy becomes extremely cautious before enduring the steps towards accepting death.

Trivia/Errors Edit

  • When Stimpy takes stuff out of the refrigerator, a bra is seen.
  • When Ren says, "What are you talking about? This sandwich is fresh. I just made it last week.", there is more meat and no crust on the bread. But when they show the close-up, there is less meat and crust on the bread.
  • When Ren says, "get a grip man", His hat is black. After he smashes the sandwich, the red line on the hat is back on the hat.
  • After the close-up, there is lettuce in the sandwich.
  • When Stimpy says, "I am not dying, I am not going to die", there is a leaf on the side of the flower on his hat but when it zooms out on the butterflies, trees and flowers, the leaf is on top of the flower.
  • Due to Muddy Mudskipper dying of an accident in this episode, this is his last appearance.