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The Ren & Stimpy Show
Season 1, Episode 4
Nurse stimpy
Air date August 18, 1991
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Nurse Stimpy is the fourth episode of "The Ren and Stimpy Show". It originally aired as the second part of Episode 2 of Season 1 on August 18, 1991.


When Stimpy wakes up and finds out that Ren is sick, Stimpy gets an idea to take care of Ren until he feels better. First Stimpy takes a few tests on Ren he takes a blood pressure test, inflating and deflating Ren. Next Ren is suppost to take medicine Stimpy brings a large spoon and gives him the medicine which Ren dislikes and tells Stimpy, "That's some icky-tasting stuff what is that anyway?" which shows the label "all purpose icky-tasting medicine". 4 months later Ren is still sick and Stimpy noticed something smelly and points to Ren who hasen't washed in weeks and Stimpy gives him a sponge bath. Stimpy tells Ren to take off his fur so he can get clean however Ren refuses, Stimpy then tries to take off Ren's fur himself which terrifies Ren and he said he'll take it off himself. In the bathtub Ren feels embarrased by Stimpy washing him and Stimpy tells him no one can see him however people in the window witnesses the whole thing. The next morning Stimpy gives Ren breakfast in bed, while Ren is reading the newspaper he sees an article saying "Ren Hoek takes bubbly sponge bath!! hundreds witness soapy scenario!" which causes Ren to faint. After several tries and days Ren still isn't feeling better and Stimpy goes crazy about all the things he done for Ren. Then one morning Ren wakes up cured from Stimpy who is now sick and Ren now does everything Stimpy did to him.

Production Music Edit

- The Nutcracker: Russian Dance – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

- Symphony No. 6 Pastorale-1st Movement – Ludwig Van Beethoven 

- Drama Link (b) – Hubert Clifford

- Kiss of Fire (a) – David Bradnum, Bob Weston 

- Lighting the Fuse (b) – Dick Walter 

- First Night – Robert Earley, Clyde Hamilton 

- Scheherezade (2nd movement) – Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

- Screw on the Loose – Tony Lowry 

- Hollwood Holiday – Frank Samuels 

- The March of the Ants – Sidney Crooke

- Tom Fool – Van Phillips 

- Hollywood Romance – Peter Yorke 

- Fully Fashioned – George French 

- Shock Horror (a) – Dick Walter 

- Holiday Playtime – Cedric King-Palmer 

- Dramatic Impact 5 – Ivor Slaney

- Mists of Illusion – Gilbert Vinter

- Heavy Affliction – Cedric King-Palmer

- Stormy Passage – Cedric King-Palmer

- Drama Link (n) – Hubert Clifford 

- First Night – Robert Earley, Clyde Hamilton


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  • This is the first "secret cartoon". TV-PG-DLS


  • In the start of the episode in the morning when Stimpy is checking Ren after seeing him not looking so good, he pulls his eyelid up high but on a zoom in it appears he's holding the eyelid lower.
  • Exactly how Ren recoverd from the relapse is unknown, especially because it was very serious.
  • Miscoloured skirt

    Stimpy's skirt miscoloured red

    In one scene when Stimpy tries to pick up Ren from the bed, his skirt is red instead of white 


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