The following is a list of Ren & Stimpy VHS tapes.


Cover Title Release date
Volume 1: The Classics August 31, 1993

Contains: Space Madness, Stimpy's Invention, Untamed World

Volume 2: The Stupidest Stories August 31, 1993

Contains: Stimpy's Big Day, The Big Shot!, Robin Höek

Volume 3: The Stinkiest Stories August 31, 1993

Contains: Ren's Toothache, The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball, Nurse Stimpy

100px-RenAndStimpy Xmas VHS 1994
Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas September 21, 1993 (original release);

October 8, 1997 (Paramount reissue)

Contains: Son of Stimpy, Big Flakes (Paramount release only)

On Duty January 11, 1994

Contains: In The Army, The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

In Disguise March 22, 1994

Contains: Fire Dogs, Monkey See, Monkey Don't, The Boy Who Cried Rat

More Stinky Stories May 31, 1994

Contains: Mad Dog Hoek, A Yard Too Far, Big Baby Scam*edited. Family bath sequence is cut.

The Classics II August 30, 1994

Contains: Svën Höek, Stimpy's Fan Club

Incredibly Stupid Stories VHS
Incredibly Stupid Stories March 21, 1995

Contains: An Abe Divided, Jimminy Lummox, Rubber Nipple Salesmen

As Stinky as They Wanna Be VHS
As Stinky As They Wanna Be August 8, 1995

Contains: Lair Of The Lummox, Farm Hands

Ren and Stimpy-Nothing But Shorts
Nothing But Shorts February 20, 1996

Features the following short interstitial segments: "Log", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Parent Aliens", "Beautiful Hair Log", "My Little Brother Doll", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Camel", "Sugar Frosted Milk", "Ask Dr. Stupid: Beans", "Log and Accessories", "Action Log", "Powdered Toastman: Kids", "Sugar Sod Pops", "World Crisis with Mr. Horse", "Flod", "Dog Water", "Cheesefist", "Chicken in a Drawer", "Field Guides", "You Are What You Eat: Billy the Beef Tallow Boy", "Dog Water 2", "Varicose Veins", and "Craftwork Corner: Stimpy Kadoogan".

Ren & Stimpy Ren's Brain VHS
Ren's Brain (United Kingdom) June 23, 1997

Contains: Ren's Pecs, Ren's Retirement, Ren's Brain, Insomniac Ren, The Last Temptation

Ren & Stimpy For the Love of Stimpy VHS
For the Love of Stimpy (United Kingdom) August 11, 1997

Contains: I Love Chicken, Stimpy's Cartoon Show, I Was a Teenage Stimpy, Ol' Blue Nose

Ren & Stimpy Space Madness VHS
Space Madness (United Kingdom) August 1997

Contains: Space Madness, Marooned, Black Hole, The Scotsman in Space, Space Dogged

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