"Jimminy Lummox" is the eighth episode of Season 3.



After Ren does cruel things including prank phone calls, contaminating the tap water, yelling at baby birds, and almost killing a fly by trying to rip one of its wings off, Stimpy lends his conscience, Jiminy Lummox, to Ren to set him right, but it seems to upset him more.

Jimminy appears whenever Ren abuses Stimpy, and unfortunately Stimpy is constantly doing things to aggravate Ren, such as using his false teeth to descale fish. Sick of the constant pummelings, Ren asks if the conscience if 'he' has a conscience of his own. Jimminy says he does, and shows them Tinker Galoot, which is actually Kowalski in a fairy suit.


  • The scenes where Ren pranks Stimpy are missing on the DVDs.
  • On the Nickelodeon airings of this episode, the scene where Mr. Pipe drinks the beaver urine infected water was shortened.
  • The Beavers peeing in the lake and Mr. Pipe drinking it is a callback to The Great Outdoors.
  • Ren and Stimpy both hum the song, "Happy Happy Joy Joy."
  • There are several references to Disney movies in this episode, as Jimminy is a parody of Jimminy Cricket, who functioned as a conscience for Pinocchio and sings a song that parodies "When You Wish Upon a Star" a song from the same movie. Tinker Galoot is also a reference to the character Tinker Bell from the movie Peter Pan, who became a co-mascot of Disney.

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