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"It's a Dog Life" is the 12th episode of Season 4.


Ren and Stimpy are on death row at the pound, being led to the gas chamber. However, they are saved when a sweet, rich and seemingly sane old lady comes to adopt them. On the drive home, she renames Ren and Stimpy "Abraham" and "Leviticus." At their new home, Ren finds a dog sleeping in a basket. He tries talking to it, but it doesn't respond. He soon discovers that the dog is long dead and the old lady had it stuffed. Afterward, the two of them begin doing usual cat and dog things (Ren bum-scooting on the rug, Stimpy ripping up the sofa). The old lady thinks that they're possessed, so she tells her huge Asian butler to take care of them. The butler breaks Stimpy hands and feet and Ren is forced to sit on a plastic cushion. Then the butler rings the bell for dinner. The old lady serves them gravel instead of food, which they are forced to eat. Ren breaks his teeth on his and Stimpy put the entire ball of gravel in his mouth and begins choking on it. Ren tries to save him, but the old lady mistakenly assumes that they're doing inappropriate things with each other and sprays them with the hose. Then she takes the two of them to the animal clinic to be neutered.

At home, the two of them are ready to sleep, but the old lady wakes them up and forces them to sleep in the yard, which is also a graveyard. The two of them escape from home, only to be captured by a police officer. They are faced with two choices: Go back to death row at the pound or go back to the old lady. The two of them choose the old lady, only to discover upon returning home that she's died from lead poisoning, presumably killed by the butler. Later, the lawyer reads the old lady's will to the butler and Ren and Stimpy. The butler, masquerading as both the chauffeur and the goldfish, receives the Mansion, a solid gold Lincoln, and $43,000,000. Ren and Stimpy, however, are chosen to join the old lady in the eternal mercy of sleep. They are both killed and then stuffed. The episode ends with the butler dusting them, along with the also-stuffed old lady.


  • This is Ken Bruce's first episode since season 2's The Great Outdoors.
  • The Dog Catcher from the pilot short appears again.
  • This episode was hated by a lot of fans of the show

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