I Like Pink

"I Like Pink" is the name of Stimpy's cartoon from the episode "Stimpy's Cartoon Show". Ren produced the film, and it is filmed in Höekvision. When Stimpy showed the film to Wilbur Cobb, Cobb actually liked it. A few seconds of this cartoon was also featured in two episodes, "Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman" and "Hermit Ren".


Act 1: Poopy, Explodey's best girl, wants to give him a kiss. But Explodey denies. Then they end up in an airplane.

Act 2: Explodey and Poopy are in a igloo, then it cuts to underwater. Explodey is having a drink. Poopy asks for a kiss again. Explodey says he has to throw up, so he can't. Poopy says she doesn't mind waiting.

Act 3: It is 23 years later. Poopy and Explodey have moved to Montana. Then Peg Pelvis Pete comes along and tries to kill them. Explodey then bonks himself on the head with a hammer, and Peg Pelvis Pete goes away. They have a brief celebration, then Poopy asks Explodey for a kiss once again. Explodey finally agrees. Poopy gives him a kiss, then he explodes and the cartoon ends.'

Trivia Edit

  • Peg Pelvis Pete is a parody of the Walt Disney character Pegleg Pete.

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