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"Fake Dad" is an episode of the second season.

Characters Edit


Ren and Stimpy adopt an overgrown, seven-year-old convict named Kowalski. Stimpy is kind and understanding towards the needy "youngster", but Ren has a bit more trouble adjusting to parenthood.


  • The sound clips from previous Season 2 episodes are reused for this episode.
    • Ren getting his shot from "In The Army" is reused for when Ren tries to turn Kowalski over so he can burp him.
    • Ren crying when realizing the consequences of not brushing his teeth in "Ren's Toothache" is used for Ren crying onto Stimpy after his fake son is sent back to prison.
  • A sound bite of Kowalski whimpering is used in "Lair Of The Lummox".
  • This is the first episode Stimpy has a maid apron. He wears an maid apron again in School Mates.


  • In the scene where Ren's fur is all gone, Ren is seen furless at first, but after, his fur comes back.


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