"Dinner Party" is an episode of Season 5 of the show.



Ren narrates the proper etiquette for throwing a dinner party.

  • This episode shows us what "sweaty palms" are.

Trivia Edit

  • Timeline: This episode takes place after "Sammy and Me" because Stimpy has heard of Sammy Mantis, and this episode takes place before "Terminal Stimpy" because that episode takes place before Muddy Muddskipper officially died.
  • Powdered Toast Man officially dies in this episode
  • This is the last appearance of a few characters:
    • Powdered Toastman.
    • Mr. Horse.
    • Mrs. Pipe.
    • Haggis MacHaggis.
    • The Baboon (from "A Yard Too Far").
    • The Shaven Yak.