Beef Tallow was one of the many hilarious commercials made for The Ren & Stimpy Show.

This commercial included a musical number lead by the character Billy the Beef Tallow Boy, who resembles a gelatinous block of beef tallow and wears a cape. The skit starts off with Billy magically appearing in front of a sobbing little girl who's dad won't play with her. The song starts and Billy reassures the girl that he can "DEEP FRY" her problems away. He proceeds to deep fry various objects in the house with a snap of his fingers. The girl's dad is compelled to devour these objects including the telephone, and the family Buick. Dad (now blown up to the size of a balloon) can be used as a punching bag to the little girl's delight.

With Billy's work finished, he flies off into the sunset "dooy dooy dooy"!!, his cape waving behind.

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