Ren frowns
"Will you hurry so I can finish my paper!"
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(Ren and Stimpy are pushed out of the water and they start hyperventilating like fish drowning. Ren realizes that they're on land)

Ren: Land...

(Stimpy is still hyperventilating)

Ren: (tapping Stimpy's nose) Hey, stupid! Breathe air.

Stimpy: (realizing) Uhhh, Oh yeah! I forgot.

Ren: Well Stimpy, we're on dry land at last. We're saved!

Stimpy: (Worried) It'll be dark soon. We should seek shelter.

Ren: Hey! You're right! (in a close-up) There's no time to lose! We must be willing to protect us from the unforeseen dangers that wicked us on this island of despair. Well, don't just stand there. BUILD!

Stimpy: I'm building, I'm building!

(scene fades to an sand house. Ren is sitting on a sand couch watching TV while Stimpy is cooking dinner)

Ren: How's that chicken fried sand coming?

Stimpy: Sandy.

Ren: (Holding a glass of sand) And now, a toast to my best friend and our new home.

(It is nighttime and Ren & Stimpy are in a sand bed sleeping. Their sand house is next to the ocean so their house breaks down)

(it is morning and Stimpy is the first one waking up, realizing that their house broke down)

Stimpy: Hey Ren~, I think the water raided our house.

(Ren wakes up realizing the same thing, then gets angry)

Ren: (furious) Why didn't you use waterproof sand, GENIUS? (growls) I'll find a house myself! (Ren walks into a giant carcass ) Huh~? (eyes bulging out, he screams and jumps on Stimpy) It's gonna kill us! Run! RUN!

Stimpy: Aww, it's okay Ren. It's just a stinky, old fish carcass. Let's go check it out!

(Ren & Stimpy is inside of the carcass' mouth)

Ren: Wow! Walt-walt inerts! Looks like our worries are over! I've always dreamed of living in fish fowl! Let's hit the beach and dig up some chum!

Stimpy: (little kid voice) Yeah!

(scene fades to Ren sitting in a beach chair, wearing a hula skirt and a shell hat)

Ren: Hey beach monkey, how's that forgening comin'?

Stimpy: Grreat! Oh I got-I got some nice, stinky old kelp and-and and lots of beautiful fowl, smelling seashells and-and de-licious slime and crusted dead coral.

Both: Boundess is nation.

(A huge wave hits Ren & Stimpy. It fades to a hot sun and Ren & Stimpy are hot inside the carcasses' mouth, filled with flies, gunk and maggots.)

Stimpy: (sweaty) Hey Ren~, It's really getting hot in here and, uh, and it's stinky. (smiles and holds his nose)

Ren: (mimicking Stimpy) "Ren~, it's hot and stinky, i don't like it~!" (angry) Of course it's hot and stinky! It's a CARCASS ROTTING IN THE SUN!! I'm so SICK of your whining! N-nothing's ever good enough for you, is it?!

Stimpy: Wo-, Maybe we can find another home! that's not...rotting.

Ren: (frustrated) Find another home? Where are we ever gonna find another fish carcass as nice as THIS?! (gives a frustrated grunt) We're stayin'!

Stimpy: But Ren~, the worms are RISING!!

Ren: It's just a few little maggots. Get your hold!

Stimpy: But...worms...(grunting)....almost....higher!

Ren: (angry) OKAY, THAT'S IT!!! If you don't like it in here, THEN GET OUT~!!! Go find your own carcass to live in!

Stimpy: But Ren, I wanna stay with youuu.


(animals roaring, Stimpy later finds the Big Kahuna being served by two Hawaiian women)

Big Kahuna: Who are you to come to me at my island?

Stimpy: Duhh, My name is Stimpy, and I am homeless, and have no fish with which to live in.