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"A Yard Too Far" is the second episode of the third season.


Ren and Stimpy are starving when they discover a plate of hog jowls cooling on a window sill. However, Ren is reluctant to go over the fence because he is convinced that there is a vicious dog guarding the yard. Stimpy peers over the fence to check and informs him that there isn't a dog. Unfortunately, upon rushing over the fence, Ren discovers that there is a baboon. Therefore, he sends Stimpy's fur under the fence to steal the jowls. Unfortunately, he is caught. Mistaken for a hog jowl, he is thrown to the baboon. Then Ren and Stimpy disguise themselves as a woman, but end up getting mauled by the baboon. Finally, Ren uses a puppet of a female baboon to distract the baboon in the yard. It works and the puppet and the baboon are married. The episode ends with Ren and Stimpy happily gnawing on hog jowls.


  • This episode was one of the episodes written at Spümcø, but was finished at Games Animation, as the company was fired from the show before it could be produced.
  • Ren's five o'clock shadow disappears when they are whisked away by the scent of the hog jowls.
  • This episode is similar to the classic Yogi Bear cartoons.
  • There is a bone in the baboon's food bowl.
  • Ren claims he saw the puppet gag in a "Sylvester The Chicken" cartoon, an obvious parody of Sylvester the Cat where he used a finger puppet to attract Tweety Bird in Bad Ol' Putty Tat (1949). The premise of this episodes is based off two shorts with Sylvester shorts, Ain't She Tweet (1952) and Dog Pounded (1954) where Sylvester tries numerous ways to get across a fence filled with huge dogs to catch Tweety Bird. Ren states earlier in the episode that he's seen cartoons like this.

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